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A pioneer in the field of baby nursery design, Heloise Sykes, has over 8 years of interior design experience in creating memorable, one-of-a-kind nurseries and children’s rooms. Her rooms and fine eye to spot stylish decor items are now showcased on Little Love Kids.

Heloise’s distinctive and inspiring nursery designs can be viewed on the Little Love Kids Blog. Stay updated as Heloise decorates spaces for princes and princesses.

“Your child’s environment affects his outlook on life, mood, self-esteem, motivation and overall happiness. Give your child a gift that will have a profound impact on his or her sense of well-being…a personal space that is uniquely and wonderfully his own.”

Sherri Blum, CID

Feeling overwhelmed with making the right choices? Why not let Heloise style your nursery or kids room for you?

Contact her at to request a quote.

[vc_service icon_name=”fa-cart-plus” title=”Procurement”]Heloise offers a comprehensive procurement, sourcing all the items required to decorate your room. [/vc_service]
[vc_service icon_name=”fa-paint-brush” title=”Installations and Setup”]Heloise also offers a turn-key solution were she does the entire room from start to finish. [/vc_service]


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