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Beautiful Boho – Inspired Nursery

Beautiful Boho – Inspired Nursery

No pink! That was my rule when it came to design of my little girl’s nursery. It’s not that I don’t like pink. I loved it as a little girl and even way into my 20’s. But it seems as soon as somebody knows they are expecting a girl they start seeing pink marshmallows everywhere and drape everything in pink and white.

It’s not quite my vibe. Our daughter can tell me if and when she wants a pink bedroom. In the meantime I opted for a beautiful Boho-inspired nursery for her with a selection of complementary colours. See my inspiration on Pinterest here.

Bohemian Neutral Girl Nursery Inspiration - Sugar and Vice

Tempting as it is to buy all the gorgeous things, I made a conscious decision to not spend a lot of money on the nursery. Instead I started my looking around at what I had at home that I could repurpose for the baby room. The kilim rug, something my hubby bought before I even met him, was my starting point and the inspiration for the moodboard that followed.


The essentials, namely the cot and the compactum, we bought second hand and got a great bargain from my cousin who sold it to us.

As a keen crafter, it was only natural that I would want to make some of the décor for the room. Anybody who has seen my Pinterest pins will know I’m mad about macramé, so of course I made a macramé wall hanging for the nursery to match the cross-stitch patterns I conceptualised and completed.

It was all coming together beautifully and then my sister made the quirky llama and pompom mobile to match the rug. By the way, her mobiles are all stunning and you can check them out at The Velvet Stitch!

I absolutely love Little Love Kids and bought a cactus pot and a palm leave fitted cot sheet and grey wild flower change mat cover from them. I was pleasantly surprised with a grey cactus multi use seat cover which is probably the most used item at the moment.

When you have a sister and a best friend who both kept all their babies’ things for you, you’re really fortunate. I had tons of lovely clothes and baby things. So much that it became almost overwhelming so I set about organising it in an efficient way. This involved printing the free printable clothes dividers and buying the three baskets for the compactum from MRP Home, as well as the toy basket. These interventions immediately made the room feel more organised.

I replaced the handles on the compactum with beautiful floral knobs from Poetry and added two greenery prints above from Hello Pretty, which also complemented the cross stitches I did.

My overall approach to decorating the room involved doing a little bit every day. I also decided that I would go with “less is more” and rather add to it as and when I need to, rather than going overboard (and overspending).

The end results delights me every day. And I like to imagine that my three-month old loves it too!

Please see my cute mommy and toddler matching cups that’s part of the Kids Ceramics sold on Little Love Kids here.


  • Scatter cushions, grey lamp, wicker basket and grey baskets from Mr Price Home
  • Cross-stitch patterns from Etsy
  • Greenery Prints from Hello Pretty
  • Fitted baby cot sheets, multi use seat cover and changing mattress cover from Little Love Kids
  • Rocking chair I bought second hand fromGumtree
  • Grey floral knobs from Poetry
  • Clothes dividers I downloaded for free from here
  • Grey cloud blanket from Woolworths
  • Terracotta plant pots from Clay in Barrydale


Guest Post Written by: Natalie from Sugar and Vice

Copy-edit by: Delia from One Day Company

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